March 2017 Evolution Promotion Artists In The News

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Helen Jane Long’s Double Orange Vinyl
“Identity” Releases Today!


U.K. Composer/Pianist Helen Jane Long had a banner year in 2016 with the highly acclaimed release of her album “Identity” and a sold out U.S. tour in support of it. Now she’s making way for her companion release, a double album all decked out in bright orange and played at 45 RPM. The double album releases on March 30 and will be available everywhere vinyl is sold.

Ludovico Einaudi~New Release
and US Tour This Year

Italian superstar Ludovico Einaudi is, as always, on a perpetual tour. This year, he’ll be on another round of tour dates hitting Australia and Japan.  Pretty soon, we’ll be announcing U.S. tour dates for this fall.

Ludovico is already working on his new album which is
expected to release in the fall of this year.  Watch for the announcement of a release date on his Facebook page or right here in our newsletters.


Blonde Redhead Returns With “3 O’Clock” EP

Not many bands can handle very long careers and never stop evolving and actually, keep on exploring, from record to record. Blonde Redhead deserves a place in this category. In nearly 25 years, the acclaimed New York based trio went from the noise rock of the early years to refined dream pop.
Japanese Kazu Makino and twin Italian-Americans Amedeo and Simone Pace are about to return with a new ‘EP “3 O’Clock”, out on March 10th.  This is an instant classic and already being played on some of the best tastemaker radio stations in the country.

Dactah Chando Is Making His Mark In The U.S.

Dactah Chando is by far one of the most interesting, active, constant and creative singers of spanish language reggae.  Hailing from the Canary Islands, he is a rennaissance man of music and works as a writer, producer and performer. His latest release “Ansestral” , is packed old school reggae and juiced with jazz and soul influences.  The album gained critical acclaim around the world and has  expanded its traction in the U.S. with a top 5 chart hit nationally at Non Commercial and College radio.  We’re furiously working on U.S. dates so watch for those next.