Academic music scholar creates artfully wrought piano compositions
that have been quietly amassing legions of fans for years.  

LUDOVICO EINAUDILuminous, emotive, effortlessly lyrical and always supremely refined, the music and performance of Ludovico Einaudi have attracted an ever growing audience over the last two decades, whose diversity and devotion are without parallel. Ludovico  Einaudi is equally successful as a film/tv composer  and  recording/touring artist, attracting a young and massive worldwide fanbase.


He has released a series of chart-topping albums, sells out the most prestigious concert halls worldwide, routinely tops audience polls,  has written some eighteen film scores, several of which have won prizes as best soundtracks in Italian, German, and French film festivals as well as the Academy Award nomination for Fuori Dal Mondo (by Giuseppe Piccioni) for Best Soundtrack.

His music is regularly used and has often been heard through Hollywood blockbusters including The Book Thief, Black Swan, The Reader, This Is England,  J. Edgar,  and the forthcoming Water Diviner, directed by Russell Crowe.  High profile brands have used his music in their commercials to drive their point across including the Olympics,  National Basketball Association Championships, Nissan, American Airlines, Sony Blu Ray  – all are among the many who have used Einaudi’s lyrical, atmospheric works.

With a unique musical alchemy that draws on elements of classical, rock, electronica and world music, he has rendered traditional ideas of genre and audience divide obsolete and become not only one of the best known composers in the world today, but almost certainly the best loved, too.

“Like Radiohead without the vocals” – The Record Collector


* Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin, Italy and trained at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan. He went on to study with Luciano Berio and gained a scholarship to the prestigious Tanglewood Music Festival in Massachusetts. Ludovico’s grandfather, Luigi Einaudi, was President of the Italian Republic between 1948 and 1955. El Presidente’s winery was founded in 1897 and is still in operation, producing some of the finest barolo’s of the Piedmont region. website


* With a  large body of work  released  by various major record labels over the last 20 years, Ludovico performed over 120 concerts last year including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Asia.   Ludovico is the only classical artist to be invited to perform at the iTunes Festival in London

two times running. Clip


* Ludovico’s tours and concerts are sold out all over the world, including The Royal Albert Hall (London), Barbican (London), Philarmonic Hall (Liverpool), Kennedy Center (Washington DC), Neumünsterallee (Zurich), Philarmonie Kammermusiksaal (Berlin), Le Trianon (Paris).


On July 28 , 2014, Ludovico performed at the Arena de Verona in Italy to over 12,000 people. Clip.


“Pianist with Rock God tendencies” --Daily Telegraph
“Pianist with Rock God tendencies” –Daily Telegraph

LUDOVICO EINAUDI* Einaudi’s music has become some of the most recognizable in the world through its use in films and advertisements, making him the world’s most prolific contemporary composer. Ludovico is one of the most synched artists in the world and the only artist with 2 entries in the top 20 synchs of 2012. Read . Ludovico  Einaudi is equally successful as a film/tv composer  and a recording/touring artist.


* A worldwide audience of millions  view his videos and over 350,000 fans cover his music on Youtube.   Last January, over one million subscribers tuned in to a pre-arranged live solo concert with Youtube, Ludovico’s Live From Home show.


*Ludovico is the subject of a forthcoming documentary by Magenta Films  tracing the past three years of touring and recording. TRAILER.

•* Ludovico  headlined 2014’s Piano City in Milan with 18,000 people in attendance. Clip

* Ludovico’s last two releases debuted at #1 on the iTunes U.S. Classical Chart.  In 2013 Einaudi became the first classical artist to smash through the digital/physical barrier when his album ‘In a Time Lapse’ sold 72% digitally versus 28% physical CDs.  No previous classical recording had exceeded the 50/50 split.

* Over 600,000 Facebook FANS from all over the world, growing daily .  Median Age: 83% Adults, 18-44 years. Facebook

* Collaborations with Daniel Hope, Ballakè Sissokò, Rodrigo Leao, Mercan Dede, To Rococo Rot, Djivan Gasparyan, Paolo Fresu

* In 2011 Ludovico’s “I Giorni” entered the U.K.’s Top 25 Singles Chart after being picked up by BBC’s Pop station, Radio 1.  He has resided on the pop charts in the UK in company with Beyonce and Lady Gaga.





2013 In A Time Lapse
2011 Islands: Essential Einaudi
2010 The Royal Albert Hall Concert
2009 Nightbook (piano, electronic)
2007 Divenire (piano, string quartet)
2004 Echoes: The Einaudi Collection
2004 Una Mattina (piano, cello)
2003 Diario Mali (piano, harp with Ballaké Sissoko)
2001 I Giorni
1999 Eden Roc (piano and strings)
1996 Le Onde (piano)
1992 Stanze




*Ludovico is currently working on a new release for 2015

“Situated between classical music’s studied restraint and pop’s eager melodicism”– The Independent


Procter & Gamble TV Ad for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, 19 million views on Youtube
The Water Diviner (Director: Russell Crowe, release date TBA) First Look Clip, Trailer
The Book Thief Film Trailer
British Airways Ad Clip
The North Face Ad with Buzz Aldrin Clip
Grace of Monaco Film feat. Nicole Kidman Clip
American Airlines Ad with Kevin Spacey. View
J. Edgar Film (Director: Clint Eastwood) Trailer
Derek (Pilot episode) – (Director: Ricky Gervais) Clip
Intouchables (film, broke all time box office records for attendance in France) Clip
This Is England ’88 (Director: Shane Meadows) Clip
Santander Ad Campaign Clip
HBO’s Enlightened Clip
I’m Still Here Film (Director: Casey Affleck) Clip
Black Swan Film (Director: Darren Aronofosky) Trailer
NBA Championship Series – 11 TV Ads for 2009 playoffs.  Clip

The Reader Film (starring Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes) Trailer

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