Introducing CURATED ~ An Ambient Music Compilation CD For Radio, Film, TV, and Ad Agencies is presented by Evolution Promotion, the leaders in artist development for Ambient music, navigating the media since 1999.
Evolution Promotion ~ We work with the most accomplished Artist’s in the Ambient genre, we are continuously sent music from many brilliant independent artists from around the globe.  This compilation was inspired by  these new and under-served artist’s and hand selected by Evolution Promotion to be presented to media.Evolution Promotion has built a unique and diverse database of industry gatekeepers that are instrumental in programming music for radio airplay, music licensing, online streaming exposure and creating opportunities for both established and newer artists.



Media Reach ~ The Compilation Cd will be presented to all of our media contacts in the U.S., as well as some abroad:

  • FM Radio
  • National Public Radio
  • Non-Commercial Radio
  • Satellite Radio
  • Cable Radio
  • Syndicated and Specialty Programming
  • Online Radio
  • Music Supervisors
  • Ad Agencies
  • Film Directors
  • Film Producers



Artists/Composers ~ Retain 100% of their publishing rights and ownership of their copyrights and 100% of any royalties, licensing or scoring deals. If your track is selected for inclusion on the Curated Compilation CD, you will be updated with radio airplay tracking, licensing and/or score requests on your behalf after the cd has been released and promoted.

If you would like to be considered for this compilation, please send us a link to listen only if your songs meet the following requirements:

  • Track must be available for sale either through your own website or other retailers such as iTunes/Amazon
  • Track must be original with no samples
  • You must own the copyright

~ Submit Your Music Now ~

All submissions will be reviewed and considered by Evolution Promotion. If your track is selected for inclusion on Curated, we will get in touch with you and send a contract.  There will be a fee of $1,000 USD per track payable by check or through Paypal which covers manufacturing, mailing, and promotion to media.

Please do not send money before your track is selected. Do not send us mp3 or wav files.
~ Submit Your Music Now ~


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