Ludovico Einaudi’s New Album “Elements”

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  Ludovico Einaudi’s  New Album “Elements” Alt-classical composer/pianist Ludovico Einaudi – whose unique musical style is renowned around the world – returns with a brand new album ‘Elements’, which will be released on 16th October on the Ponderosa Music & Art label.  “Elements springs from a desire to start anew, following a different path of consciousness”, Einaudi reveals.  This latest album brings together a musical alchemy that draws on elements of electronicam, world, rock and  classical music – reflecting  Einaudi’s unique position on the international music scene. Einaudi has quietly become one of the most successful musicians on the planet.  His hauntingly beautiful and evocative music tops the classical charts worldwide, and he has sold  millions of records.  He is the most streamed classical artist in the UK with over 130 million streams and remains the #4 most synched composer in the world. ‘Elements’ was recorded this year at Einaudi’s Italian home in the Langhe countryside – he describes it as “a unique experience, accompanied by the pulsing rhythms of an explosive spring.” Comprised of 12 tracks, the album interweaves piano, strings, percussion, guitar and electronic instruments.  It is inspired by the world around us: nature’s elements, mathematical and scientific elements, musical forms and works of art including those by Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Gustav Klimt. This album brings these seemingly disparate elements together into one concept. Einaudi explains: “I saw new frontiers – on the edge between what I knew and what I didn’t know – that I had long wanted to explore: creation myths, the periodic table, Euclid’s geometry, Kandinsky’s writings,  the matter of sound, and of colour, the stems of wild grass in a meadow, the shapes of the landscape. For months I wandered in a seemingly chaotic mix of images, thoughts and feelings. Then, gradually, everything came together in a dance, as if all the elements were parts of the same world, and myself within it.” Einaudi created the album’s cover artwork himself – drawing a variety of different symbols and illustrations, which combine to stunning effect.  This ties in with Einaudi’s concept for the recording: “If it wasn’t music, it would be a map of thoughts: sometimes clear and distinct, sometimes overlapped: points, lines, shapes, fragments of an ongoing interior flow.” Einaudi’s music has been heard by millions worldwide – especially through adverts, trailers, film scores and TV soundtracks.  He has provided music for more than 20 films, the most recent including ‘The Water Diviner’ (directed by and starring Russell Crowe) and Ricky Gervais’ TV series ‘Derek’. Einaudi has performed to sell out crowds at venues around the world including Blenheim Palace, Hammersmith Apollo, Barbican and headlining the iTunes festival at the Roundhouse. Einaudi has drawn together an incredible group of musicians for the new album – ‘Ludovico’s band’ includes Francesco Arcuri, Marco Decimo, Mauro Durante, Alberto Fabris, Federico Mecozzi and Redi Hasa.  It also features the Dutch string ensemble Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Berlin electronic musician Robert Lippok, the percussionists of the Parco della Musica of Rome, the Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco and acclaimed violinist Daniel Hope, who plays on the opening song,...

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Introducing 17 Year Old GARETH-Artist News September 2015

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Introducing 17 Year Old GARETH Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Kid “He’s a rare talent, and he’s still just a kid. Compared to a lot that’s going on in Nashville these days, he puts the ‘music’ in Music City.” – Rick Moore, Music News Nashville Anyone who has ever heard 17 year old Gareth Laffely play flute knows that his performances flow outward like ripples on the water. As he enchants his audience, he also educates and challenges them in the hope that they will become the change he wishes to see in the world. As Galletin News reporter April Stillwell writes, “Music was in his bones from the moment he could walk.” At age four, Gareth’s talent rippled outward when he learned to play the drums, and it continued expanding as, at age five, he began composing on the piano.  His piece “Shiloh,” composed when he was eleven, was recorded by the Nashville Suzuki Players and received national radio play in the U.S., and the next year, at age twelve, he became one of the youngest members of BMI, the largest music rights organization in the U.S.  Now seventeen, he remains the youngest member of The Recording Academy’s Nashville Chapter. Gareth’s deep interest in his Native American heritage (he is Mi’kmaq and Cree) intersected with his musical talent when, at thirteen, he began teaching himself to play the Native American flute. His lack of formal training on the instrument would turn out to be the very thing that created yet another ripple. It allowed him the freedom to experiment with the instrument in a way that would astound more experienced players and provide him with his signature sound – a mix of traditional sound and modern edge which, according to Chicago music critic, William Kelly Milionis, “combines the spiritual and healing influences of the Native American flute with the edge of Ian Anderson.” By 2013, Gareth had written and recorded his debut album, The Journey, with GRAMMY nominated songwriter/Dove Award producer, Robert White Johnson (Celine Dion, the Beach Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd).  In 2014 he received the Rising Star Award, and was a two-time NAMMY Award nominee. In her review, April Stillwater wrote, “Distinguished and polished, Gareth illustrates a deep soul in his music. Incorporating an ancient instrument (Native American Flute), with a mix of pop and light rock, Gareth’s style is one that has yet to be done.” As a gifted musician and a rising star, it would have been easy for Gareth to focus all of his attention on his music, instead he sent out a new wave of ripples when he wrote and recorded the song “This Time” to be used as the anthem for the anti-bullying campaign that he brings to K-12 schools. He combines the message of the song with a challenge for students to get involved with causes that help make their communities a better place. Native American WWKB/ESPN radio host, John Kane commented that, “The challenges of our youth are particularly troubling and having them addressed by young artists like Gareth is exactly what Native people need.” In addition to being a vocal supporter...

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July 2015 Newsletter

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Helen Jane Long Goes Bigtime Besides working on her new album, a bunch of Helen Jane Long’s tracks were used in the film “Batkid Begins” which was just picked up for distribution by New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.,  pushing the Make-A-Wish Foundation message out and carrying with it Helen’s music, far and wide. Already over a million hits on the Youtube Trailer, the film just opened a couple of days ago. If you are not familiar with the Batkid Begins story yet, get your kleenex out! Youtube Trailer Batkid Begins Film   Arstidir Hits U.S. Shores from Iceland Arstidir has been hit with a very warm reception from media since they arrived in the U.S. including interviews and live performances at PRI’s The World, Echoes, Good Day Rochester TV show, Fox TV News, NPR and PBS TV, and loads of radio support including KEXP Seattle, KCRW Los Angeles, many others. If you like sweeping vocal harmonies backed by lush layered orchestral instrumental arrangements, catch the band on tour in the U.S. through August. Tour Dates Just Listen!   Roberto Cacciapaglia’s Music Finally Arrives in the U.S. Roberto’s career has been illustrious, for certain, throughout Europe for years. Evolution Promotion is proud to finally introduce him to U.S. audiences with the release of Quarto Tempo, which was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra because, in Roberto’s words: “They not only perform the classical repertoire, but have also worked with artists such as Pink Floyd and Queen and they have come to terms with electronic music allowing me to use them as a post-electronic acoustic orchestra”. Roberto prepares for a US Tour in 2016 while his current European project, Tree Of Life hits  #1 iTunes Classical /Italy. Discover this important composer.   Ludovico Einaudi Lets His World Flag Fly  Milan-based record label Ponderosa Music & Art released “Taranta Project”, a celebration of the music of southeastern Italy’s Salento peninsula. The album is full of modern takes on a centuries-old tradition, by seminal composer/pianist and music director, Ludovico Einaudi. Taranta is based on the mystical tale of a spider’s bite and a frenzied dance for life — a metaphor for curing one’s emotional ills through the power of community  — and it draws the listener into a timeless musical web of hypnotic melodies and trance-inducing rhythms. Ludovico Einaudi is the Music Director of The Taranta Music Festival – a yearly event that takes place in Melpignano, Italy. Last year, it drew over 120,000...

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Evolution Promotion Introduces ARSTIDIR from Iceland

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Iceland’s Latest Musical Import:  ARSTIDIR Announces New Album and Debut U.S. Tour Starting in June Not many bands can lay claim to the kind of dramatic career development that the Icelandic band Árstíðir can. Formed in the wake of the 2008 stock market crash, they found themselves catapulted to the top of the Icelandic music charts within six months of their debut, and then forged ahead with their 2010 tour despite a volcanic eruption that stalled global travel. In 2012, Árstíðir was the first Icelandic band to ever win the Eiserner Eversteiner European Folk Music Award (in Plauen, Germany) and were scheduled to play the prestigious TFF Rudolstadt festival in July 2013. While on tour in Germany that year, an impromptu performance of “Heyr himna smiður” in the Bürger Bahnhof train station in Wuppertal swept them up in a tidal wave of international attention. Hastily recorded by a friend who posted it to YouTube, the video received more than four million views and sparked global interest in both the band and the Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson’s composition. By May 2014, they had launched a Kickstarter campaign that quickly raised $70,000 (substantially exceeding the initial $20,000 goal) to finance their third album, Hvel (Spheres). In return for their investment, backers were promised not only a copy of the finished recording, but also gifts ranging from hand knit Icelandic sweaters to vials of volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Once fully funded, the band took up residence in Toppstödin, an abandoned coal-fired power plant that had stood empty for two decades before a group of artists and entrepreneurs repurposed it as a creative space. The acoustics in the space provided them with an ideal environment for composing and rehearsing, and regular visits and feedback from album producer and multi-instrumentalist Styrmir Hauksson (Ásgeir, Of Monsters and Men, GusGus) pushed the band to excel at their unique brand of collaborative composition, which involved individual members bringing a seed of an idea to the group after which they worked out the finer points of music, lyrics and arrangement.  As soon as they were satisfied with the tracks, the band moved down the road to Orgelsmiðjan, a studio in Reykjavík and home to many of Iceland’s renowned recording artists (Of Monsters and Men and John Grant). The result is a collection of songs which weave both traditional and electronically-inspired instrumental threads together with soaring vocal harmonies, and that critics have described as “beautiful and atmospheric” and “utterly mesmerizing.” Árstíðir’s music defies genre borders and might best be described as classically influenced indie folk rock. Whether in a train station in Germany, a concert hall in Russia or a bar at home in Reykjavík, theirs is music that mesmerizes audiences and creates a kind of intimacy leading critics to write,“[Hvel] is simply a stunning album, beautifully written and arranged, with a real magical quality to it,” and that live performances “may be the closest I’ve ever come to worship.” The band members’ wide range of musical backgrounds and experience combined with professional interests ranging from law to literature and engineering to computers, make them unique in their wholly...

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Evolution Promotion Holiday Greetings and Tunes!

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Helen Jane Long Xmas Tune, Scores, New Album & 2015 US Tour   Helen Jane Long has been very busy with recording her fourth album, getting her songs placed in films like Batkid and Stonehearst Asylum, starring Michael Caine, Kate Beckinsdale, Ben Kingsley,  and working on the music scores for esteemed filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg’s forthcoming shorts “Flowers” and “Forests”. In between all that, she is keeping up her Christmas tradition by playing a sold out show last night in London at Picadilly with the London Players, her string section. Helen will be releasing her fourth album in 2015 to be followed by a U.S. tour. Watch for date announcements right here! Download Helen’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” for your seasonal playlist here. Visit Helen Jane Long on Facebook Introducing The 4th Dimensional Beings, Xmas Tune, Debut Album The symphonic/electronic music of the 4th Dimensional Beings draws from romantic and powerful atmospherics illustrated with piano and guitar melodies that are set to orchestral sounds with classical and progressive flavors.   We are sure that you will hear The 4th Dimensional Beings influences — Debussy, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Bach, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and Vivaldi. David and Joey Granati are 4th Dimensional Beings. Formerly signed to A&M Records, they released albums as the Granati Brothers and opened some 78 dates for Van Halen.  These classically trained musician brothers have taken a side trip into the world of electronic ambience and infuse it with their own brand of rock meets classical. We are delighted to introduce you to the 4th Dimensional Beings via their Christmas tune for your playlists.  Watch for their brand new album, “Alien History”,  coming your way in January 2015. Visit 4th Dimensional Beings on Facebook CARisMA on Tour With Andrea Boccelli, Christmas Song Available CARisMA are Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri , an Italian classical guitar duo whose extraordinary guitar techniques have merged to create a modern and innovative sound.  The young and beautiful duo came together in 2011 after previous remarkable careers as soloists. World famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli was astonished by their masterful  guitar skills and offered to produce their album, ‘Confessions’ , which was released in the U.S. on August 20, 2014. CARisMA made their appearance as the opening act for Andrea Bocelli at the popular iTunes Festival in London, which was streamed worldwide and was a huge success for the duo.  The collaboration on stage with Andrea continues as the beloved Tenor took them on his tours around the world in places like Asia, UK, America, Ireland, Eastern Europe and South America. The upcoming U.S. dates are:   U.S. tour dates with Andrea Bocelli: Dec 13 Allstate Arena Chicago, IL Dec 14 Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI Dec 17 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY CARisMA has recorded a special Holiday tune available...

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CARisMA, Classical Guitar Duo from Italy To Open U.S. Dates For Superstar Andrea Boccelli

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CARisMA have performed in some of the most famous and biggest venues in the world such as the Roundhouse and the O2 Arena in London, the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, the Arena Ciudad de Mexico and the Paolo Sixth Concert Hall in the Vatican City.  And now, in support of their new release, they will open the following U.S. shows for Andrea Boccelli: Dec 13 Allstate Arena / Chicago Dec 14 Joe Louis Arena / Detroit Dec 17 Madison Square Garden /New York CARisMA are Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri , an Italian classical guitar duo whose extraordinary guitar techniques have merged to create a modern and innovative sound.  The young and beautiful duo came together in 2011 after previous remarkable careers as soloists. Two years ago, the duo had the opportunity to play in front of the world famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli who was astonished by their arrangements and performance and offered to produce their album, ‘Confessions’ , which just released in the U.S. on August 20, 2014 and features their exquisite guitars on film music by Rachel Portman (from the movie “Chocolat”) as well as a selection of Jazz and Classical standards. CARisMA made their appearance as the opening act for Andrea Bocelli at the popular iTunes Festival in London, which was streamed worldwide and was a huge success for the duo.  The collaboration on stage with Andrea continued as the beloved Tenor took them on his 2012 tours around the world in places like Asia, UK, America, Ireland, Eastern Europe and South America. visit CARisMA on...

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