Tickets Are On Sale For Helen Jane Long In New Orleans

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U.K. Composer/Pianist Helen Jane Long is touring the U.S. in support of her fourth album, “Identity”.  An award-winning film composer whose musicology brings indie culture to classical and soundtrack music, she has just announced a show in New Orleans at the Marigny Opera House on November 10, 2016.
For this evening,

Helen Jane Long performs at Marigny Opera House in New Orleans on Nov10, 2016

Helen Jane Long performs at Marigny Opera House in New Orleans on Nov10, 2016

Helen will be performing on piano with her string section, The London Players, and will cover music from all four of her albums as well as highlighting new pieces from her new album “Identity”. Tickets are available at

Watch Pianist Ludovico Einaudi’s Haunting Performance As He Floats By A Crumbling Glacier

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In a stunning visual reminder of what’s at stake, an acclaimed Italian composer and pianist delivered the performance of a lifetime — playing a baby grand on a small floating platform as a glacier crumbled around him.

Ludovico Einaudi performed “Elegy for the Arctic,” a piece he wrote just for the occasion, at the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway.

“Being here has been a great experience. I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world,” Einaudi said in a news release from Greenpeace. “It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.”

Greenpeace had the piano shipped from Germany to Norway, where it traveled on the Arctic Sunrise, one of the organization’s ships, to the glacier.

“The timing of Einaudi’s performance is not by chance,” Greenpeace wrote in blog post. “This week, delegates at the OSPAR Commission meeting in Tenerife, Spain, have an opportunity to take an important step in protecting the Arctic. The proposal before them would safeguard 10% of the Arctic ocean, an area roughly the size of the UK.”

Greenpeace has set up a website,, dedicated to the issue.  — Huffington Post


Echoes CD of the Month: Helen Jane Long’s Identity

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Echoes Review

Helen Jane Long: No Identity Crisis

Helen-Jane-Long-PensiveHelen Jane Long is an unassuming musician who makes a gentle and elegant music that might have come from another, more civil time. Her work has been used in several TV ads, including spots for the Volkswagen Passat and British Airways. She has just released her latest album, Identity.

The opening track is vintage Helen Jane Long, channeling the sound of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” and Hans Zimmer’s “Toward the Line,” it’s a composition full of yearning and a shadow-streaked melancholy. Long falls on the neo-classical side of chamber music, not quite ambient, not full-on classical, much like Ludovico Einaudi. But unlike Einaudi, who draws upon contemporary electronics and avant-garde strategies, Long draws fully from the classical tradition. Just listen to the sweeping waltz of “Storm Away,” with strings blowing like a tall ship at full sail.

Most of Identity finds Long in an orchestral mode, but she strips herself bare on tracks like “Isolation,” a haunting, poignant composition that you might play after The Beach Boy’s “In My Room.” Similarly, “Identity,” the title track, is a piece based on a simple piano motif with tremulous sustained strings.

Helen Jane Long’s Identity is an album from someone who knows who she is as a composer. There’s no identity crisis here.
~John Diliberto

Rebekah Eden Celebrates Her New Album With A Live Performance

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Rebekah Eden is a perfectionist. This is the reason that her album, Rowing in Eden, was painstakingly recorded and mastered over a period of 3 years before she felt ready to release it.  Now that it’s here, it’s garnering words of praise and loads of radio play across the U.S.

To celebrate the long awaiting release, Rebekah performed live Allyworld in Takoma Park, MD on May 14, 2016 with some famous friends.

Here’s a look at the atmosphere of that night: This song is called “There & Back Again”  featuring:
-Steve Messina of Blow Up Hollywood on guitar
Dave Eggar (Evanescence, Coldplay) on cello
Jim Mason on keyboards
Patrick Hutchinson Uilleann Pipes and 
Haley Richardson on fiddle and Keegan Loesel on Uilleann Pipes and Tin Whistle 

Here’s the live performance video!

Did you ever get an album in and after just one song think, I must hear more. Well, for me, this is the one. I have never heard of this woman, but I can tell you I am going to make it my life’s work to find out more about her and her music” – RJ Lannan


Rebekah on Facebook

Tickets Just Went On Sale For Helen Jane Long @ The Herbst in San Francisco

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Your ticket purchase includes a cd copy of Helen Jane Long’s new album “Identity”, redeemable with your ticket stub at Amoeba Music, 1855 Haight St, San Francisco! Pick up Helen’s new album anytime after the show!

For this evening, Helen will be performing on piano with her string section, The London Players, and will cover music from all four of her albums as well as highlighting new pieces from her latest album “Identity”. Get your tickets here

Helen Jane Long


Helen Jane Long’s “Identity” Album Debuts on the Billboard Chart

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Helen Jane Long’s brand new album “Identity” shows up all the competition from the Record Labels and comes on to the Billboard New Age Albums Chart with the Hot Shot Debut at #9 this week.  The album is enjoying an incredible response from the Media and Radio and has only just begun to develop.  Watch for U.S. tour dates to be announced shortly to support this release.


Billboard Chart DebutHelen Jane Long IDENTITY

Introducing Rebekah Eden, 3.5 Range Vocalist, Drops New Album Produced By Blow Up Hollywood

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Evolution Promotion is delighted to announce the new release from Rebekah Eden. We have been in the planning stages for this release with Rebekah for the past year and a half and  it is definitely well worth the wait!  Expertly produced by Steve Messina of Blow Up Hollywood, you’ll file this stunning release under Enya and Loreena McKennitt. It’s early but our radio and media folks are already buzzing about it.
Rebekah Eden Album Art








RJ Lannan quote






Discovering the ethereal, otherworldly music of Rebekah Eden is to behold a ravishing jewel bathed in Light. First, you’re struck dumb with awe, then you’re filled with grace. The unique talent of this singer/composer/producer crosses all musical boundaries. Since 1987, her shimmering soprano of 3-1/2 octaves has been thrilling audiences around the world in repertoire as diverse as opera, avant-garde and classical song, but especially in her own compositions that leave audiences deeply moved by their transcendental sacredness. Critics have called her performances “gorgeous” and “majestic.” Her own music has been described as “A Score for the Divine.”

Now comes her latest offering to the Gods, “Rowing in Eden.” An homage to the brightest light in all of us, the album wanders poetically through life’s mysteries from hardship and fear to the crowning glory of love. “Rowing in Eden” reflects the spiritual journey of its creator, a struggling single mom wounded by broken hearts and the near loss of her fiancée, only to rebound in marriage and the birth of a daughter. The 12-song collection took Rebekah five years and thousands of miles to complete, from a 41-piece orchestra in the Czech Republic to the state-of-the-art recording studios of New York City. “Rowing In Eden” is influenced by artists as ecumenical as W.B Yeats, J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Plant, and delivered in Rebekah’s trademark radiance.

The road to this extraordinary body of work has been uniquely Rebekah’s. The American-born daughter of a U.S. Foreign Service officer, she grew up in cities around the world, absorbing genres from Bach to Led Zeppelin to John Adams. At Oberlin College, she auditioned “on a lark” for the school’s estimable Oberlin Conservatory and was accepted, eventually receiving her B.A. in German literature and a B.Music in voice performance.

Her artistry bloomed in Europe, where Rebekah sang opera and oratorio, astounding audiences with her heart-touching ability to transmit palpable compassion through her voice. Her musicianship, liquid legato, and lightning-speed coloratura also allowed her to embrace more modern music. With the Rock Creek Chamber Players, she revealed the full range of her emotional range in such works as Shostakovich’s brooding “Romance Suite,“ for which she earned standing ovations from sold-out audiences.

Despite her vocal versatility, Rebekah eventually came to discover that her true musical destiny lay in her own compositions. Reeling from a crushing romantic betrayal, she holed up in a rehearsal room while her son was in daycare and began to write what would become her first CD, entitled The Path of Gold. Recorded in 1999, the album combines her own haunting, multi-tracked melodies with the revelatory antiphons of the great medieval saint Hildegard of Bingen. The creative process of writing and singing her own songs was curative, drawing her deeper within herself, with the result that her voice started to take on new colors. “I surrendered every pretense and allowed sound to well up from places I had never explored,” she explains.

At the heart of Rebekah’s work is both the ecstasy and the agony of the hero’s journey. In late 2003, the near-death combat injury of her fiancée Michael Weisskopf, a reporter then embedded in Iraq, as well as the later passing of his translator, Omar Hashim Kamal, inspired her to write and record three singles: “My Beloved” and “Never Far Away,” songs of remembrance and gratitude, and the ethereally loving “Omar,” a lullaby for a dear friend clinging to life. Mr. Kamal never lived to hear the song Rebekah wrote for him, but it remains a testimony to the strength and courage of all those who give their lives for freedom.

The themes of Love, Home, Heart and Purpose suffuse Rebekah’s three earlier CDs: The Path of Gold, which can be heard on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film The Conductor (Edgewood Pictures, NYC, 2000); the angelic special edition album Invocation, co-produced with Academy Award winner Donny Markowitz, which debuted at London’s Kensington Town Hall; and Three Songs for the Journey, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit.

Helen Jane Long Releases New Album “Identity”

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Helen Jane Long IDENTITY

Evolution Promotion is thrilled to announce the arrival of the new Helen Jane Long album, “Identity”.  The new album will be releasing worldwide on April 11, 2016 and is already in pre-release at iTunes where fans can pre-order the album.  Evolution Promotion is producing Helen’s U.S. and Canadian tour dates in support of the album.

Helen Jane Long is an award-winning film composer who tours globally with each of her albums; a classically trained pianist who taught herself to play string instruments; a competitive athlete whose music inspires peace and tranquility; a fiercely independent team player who respects the rules, but isn’t afraid to break them when necessary; and a intensely serious musician who possesses a cheeky sense of humor when it comes to her chosen profession.

Born and raised on the southern coast of England, composer Helen began her musical career by shadowing her older brother during his piano lessons after which she would pull her four-year-old self up onto the bench and play what she’d heard by ear. Her ability to recreate the sounds she heard quickly became one of the cornerstones of her composing career as she taught herself to play the cello, violin and guitar in rapid succession in order to create her own orchestral arrangements.

After earning her degree at Bristol college, Helen quickly landed a job with the BBC where she immersed herself in the world of television scores and often worked with composers Ronnie Hazlehurst (Only Fools and Horses), Dennis King (Black Beauty) and Nigel Hess (Ladies in Lavender), and was mentored by composer Ron Goodwin who taught her the importance of being both passionate about the composition process and mindful of the people she worked with.

In 2003, after attending a recording session for The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, Helen approached composer Howard Shore with a letter outlining her education and accomplishments. Shore hired her a few weeks later and encouraged her to create her own position as “Musical Score Continuity Director.” Helen spent the next several years creating a detailed reference library of every musical recording take done for the films, as well as infusing her own brand of Goodwin-inspired teamwork into the process.

By 2004, Helen had found success composing for television commercials and was well on her way to being associated with brands such as Mercedes, Galaxy Chocolate, Volkswagen Passat, and Bosch. In 2011, British Airways chose her to write the song for their multi-billion dollar  “To Fly, To Serve” campaign to re-launch the airline.

In 2006, she signed a contract with Warner Classics and released her first album, Porcelain, the following year. It went on to become one of the highest selling albums on America’s largest classical radio station. Despite the success, in 2010 she followed her instincts and walked away from her contract with Warner in order to release her second album, Embers, independently with BLE Records. The album rapidly climbed the charts to become the most requested album on Classic FM radio, and, in 2011, earned Helen the honor of being the only female composer in the Classic FM Hall of Fame. By the time she released her third album, Intervention, in 2012, Helen had composed music for ten feature and short films, seven commercials, and eleven documentary films.

Her current album, Identity, marks yet another shift in her composing career as she sets out to take listeners on a musical exploration of the things that make us…us. Composed over the course of a year, Identity marks a move toward a bigger sound as she embraces the full richness of soundtrack composition folded into her uniquely intimate melodies.

Enormously talented, extraordinarily kind and exceptionally engaged in the processes of composing and performing, it’s obvious that no matter which lens you view Helen Jane Long through certain things remain crystal clear. Her life long devotion to her music, development of her craft, and dedication to her process has spawned music that enhances and illuminates the world around her.


Sainkho Namtchylak Debuts on the CMJ World Chart This Week

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cmj world chart

Evolution Promotion is delighted to announce that Sainkho Namtchylak’s new album, “Like A Bird or Spirit, Not A Face” has debuted on CMJ’s World Music Chart at #30.  Some of the finest radio stations in the country are playing this release including KCRW in Los Angeles and KEXP in Seattle.  Get at us if you need a copy for your radio station and discover the new album from this legendary artist.


GARETH Hits The Billboard Chart This Week At #2 AGAIN!

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Gareth’s album “Sky Before A Storm” has entered the Billboard New Age Chart at #2 again this week, smoking the major label competition again!

billboard #2