Ludovico Einaudi’s World Tour Returns to the U.S. and Canada in October

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Ludovico Einaudi is touring the U.S. with a couple of Canadian dates in October. Here’s the tour dates so far, some are already on sale. Check your local listings!

10/07/2017 Seattle, WA – The Moore Theatre
10/10/2017 Vancouver, BC, Canada -The Orpheum
10/12/2017 Costa Mesa, CA – Sergerstrom Center for Arts
10/17/2017 Mesa, AZ – Ikeda Theater
10/19/2017 Los Angeles, CA – UCLA – Royce Hall
10/20/2017 Los Angeles, CA – UCLA – Royce Hall
10/22/2017 Miami, FL – Adrienne Arsht Center – Knight Concert Hall
10/24/2017 Chicago, IL – Symphony Center
10/27/2017 Boston, MA – Berklee Performance Center
10/28/2017 Philadelphia, PA – Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts/Merriam Theater
10/29/2017 Washington, DC – Warner Theatre
10/30/2017 New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
11/02/2017 Princeton, NJ – McCarter Theater
11/01/2017 Montreal, QC, Canada – Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Blonde Redhead Returns With Their Latest EP “3 O’Clock” on March 10, 2017

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Blonde Redhead releases their latest EP “3 o’clock” on March 10, 2017 

Not many bands can handle very long careers and never stop evolving and actually, keep on exploring, from record to record. Blonde Redhead deserves a place in this category. In nearly 25 years, the acclaimed New York based trio went from the noise rock of the early years to the refined dream pop of “Misery Is A Butterfly”, before reaching the sensual electronic textures of the studio album, “Barragán” which was released in 2014. Now it’s time to make a step forward once again, or perhaps I should say a step to the side, because, despite the variety of styles, the band has always been able to keep a personality and a unique identity easily recognizable. Fresh from the box set “Masculin Féminin” (September 2016) and the remix “Freedom of Expression on Barragan Hard” (March 2016) releases, Japanese Kazu Makino and twin Italian-Americans Amedeo and Simone Pace are about to return with a new ‘EP “3 O’Clock”, out on March 10th, 2017 onAsa Wa Kuru Records under license to Italian label Ponderosa Music & Art. Four songs, two of them sung by charming Kazu while the other two by guitarist and second voice of the band, Amedeo, which still mark once again the willingness to broaden their musical horizons.

It is not by chance that this melancholic Ep with a romantic graft comes out a few months after the tour that in 2016 saw the Blonde Redhead resubmit their cult album “Misery Is A Butterfly” with a string quartet: the 2004 record’s atmospheres emerge occasionally in these new pieces as they push even more in the direction of a massive presence of strings and wind instruments such as the viola, cello, violin, clarinet, oboe, flute and trumpet. The Ep was, in fact, made with the help, among others, of American ensemble ACME, and Eyvind Kang, American composer and violinist who has already collaborated with Blonde Redhead in the past on “Misery Is A Butterfly” and on the latest tour.

The first two tracks, “3 O’Clock” and “Golden Light”, are sung and written by Kazu Makino who speaking of the title track for the Ep launch, explains: “At three in the afternoon, a lot of things happen, how many times we schedule appointments at that time? In Japan, then, it is a holy hour, it’s ‘tea time’. Obviously you might even think about the three in the morning, but I wrote the song starting from this suggestion, thinking about what is a significant time to me on a daily basis, a kind of turning point, metaphorically the beginning of a new chapter for Blonde Redhead “.
Amedeo who authored the other two tracks, says, “‘Give Give’ is a piece that I have kept in the drawer, since the “Penny Sparkle” era, back in 2010. We added a line of flutes and strings plus percussions composed along with Mauro Refosco (who is a Brazilian percussionist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Atoms for Peace) to give more life to the song, which I cared about as it’s a song that I feel very close now, than at the time I wrote it.” He added, ” “Where Your Mind Wants To Go” we first recorded guitar, drums and percussion, and then develop arrangements with horns and trumpets in the studio with Michael Leonhart. ”
The orchestral touch is something that has always fascinated Blonde Redhead. “Speaking of this EP, I believe that the winds and arches addition in the songs can give the music a plus, it is what happens in the soundtracks, of which I am a big fan,” says Amedeo. “Furthermore, surely the last tour with a string section on stage has inspired the arrangement. During those dates we have played two of these new songs, “3 O’Clock” and “Golden Light”, and performing them live, we were feeling of adding small arrangements: that’s where it all started with the extra instruments. From there, and from a home away from the bustle of the big city: some months ago we spent a week in a country house in upstate New York,” says Amedeo. “We
holed up, and we wrote every day for hours, laying the foundations for this Ep, but knocking out many other ideas that seem good to work soon on.”
Blonde Redhead are, therefore, ready to present their new work – along with the best of their rich repertoire – on an upcoming european tour: from 22 February to 19 March, the trio will be in Europe for twenty gigs making it to cities such as Madrid, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin. And that is not it: in the coming months the band is planning to bring “Misery is a Butterfly” on tour again, this time with a full orchestra. Meanwhile Kazu is working on her first solo album: expect surprises.

Blonde Redhead “3 O’Clock” EP


  1. 3 O’Clock
  2. Golden Light
  3. Where Your Mind Wants To Go
  4. Give Give

Richard Galliano Quartet | New Jazz Muzette

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Richard Galliano Quartet

New DOUBLE Album Release On Your Desk

“New Jazz Muzette”

In his 30 year career, Galliano has successfully revamped the image of the accordian, an instrument considered passé, and now takes his inspiration for his new double album from his musical idols: Piazzolla, Coltrane, Bill Evans and Debussy

In his 30 year career, Galliano has successfully revamped the image of the accordian, an instrument considered passé, and now takes his inspiration  for his new double album from his musical idols: Piazzolla, Coltrane, Bill Evans and Debussy


Richard Galliano has decided to celebrate his 30 years in music together with some talented friends – Sylvain Luc on guitar, Philippe Aerts on acoustic bass and Andre Ceccarelli on drums.
His new double album, “New Jazz Musette”, is releasing on February 17th, 2017, on the Ponderosa label, out of Milan, and features a selection of his favorite compositions.
In fact, it has been thirty years since the release of his first album, “Spleen”, when he was the leader of the “New Musette Quartet”.
“Following in the footsteps of Astor Piazzolla, who invented the New Tango, today I am re-creating the “New Musette”, says Galliano, because I think that this music cannot be played the way it was played in the ‘30s. When I play these tunes now, I take my inspiration from my musical idols: Piazzolla, Coltrane, Bill Evans and Debussy.”
“Musette” is a traditional Italo-French form, popular music. Like the blues in the United States and the tango in Argentina, it surfaced at the same time, in the first decades of the twentieth century. All three are the fruit of a social and cultural fusion: Italian and French musicians for musette, Italians and Argentines for the tango, Africans and Americans for the blues.
Immigrants far from their homelands created new musical forms, combining tradition and melancholy: that’s how it was for the blues in the US, and for the milonga in Argentina. The same thing happened in France, on the forgotten outskirts of the big cities.
And the “New Jazz Muzette” proudly joins the folds.


Visit Richard Galliano on Facebook


Dactah Chando’s “Ansestral” Album Goes Top 10!

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We’re celebrating our TOP 10 chart status this week in the Evolution Promotion offices as Dactah Chando’s “Ansestral” album moves from #28 to #8 this week in CMJ’s World Chart!

Dactah Chando

Dactah Chando’s “Ansestral” album is #8 on CMJ’s World Chart

P.S.  It looks as though that may be the last chart that CMJ is going to post, at least for now, as they grapple with the many court cases that are being pursued against them.  Casualties like this are anything but casual in our industry.  Thanks for the many memories CMJ! We wish you the very best and hope to see you back in action soon!

We’ll be working with other charts in the coming weeks so that we can measure our airplay prowess. Stay tuned.

Introducing Dactah Chando

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Delivering a World Class Reggae Album “Ansestrel”
CMJ World Chart Debut at #28

Dactah ChandoFrom the Canary Island of Tenerife, Dactah Chando moves between the most classic roots,
the most powerful drum and bass, dub, dancehall and raggamuffin on his latest album.



Dactah Chando

Radio: This album debuted this week on CMJ’s World Chart at #28! This cd is on your desk now. We hope you enjoy it and play it often!

Dactah Chando, hailing from the Canary Islands in Spain,  is one of the most prolific artists. He is a producer, singer, songwriter promoter and manager, involved in the Reggae scene for more than 20 years. He started his  career in 2009 with the release of the single “Power fi chant”, in advance of the album “Clara” in 2011,which created his international jump to the global reggae scene. Many achievements since that point on occured for Chando– international press reviews, critics picks, live performances in the best international festivals, and four albums leading up to his latest release,  “Ansestral” , being hailed as one of the best roots reggae albums in the Spanish language ever made.  Excellent sound quality, arrangements, and inspirational and conscious lyrics are the characteristics of Dactah´s music.

Ludovico Einaudi’s “Elegy For The Arctic”

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Now Available To Radio For Download

 Ludovico Einaudi performs 'Elegy For The Arctic' next to a melting glacier, on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean in Svalbard, Norway. Click to watch the video.

Ludovico Einaudi performs ‘Elegy For The Arctic’ next to a melting glacier,
on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean in Svalbard, Norway. Click to watch the video.


Acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean near Svalbard, Norway as part of a Greenpeace campaign to encourage world leaders to protect and safeguard the future of the Arctic. The PR campaign was the biggest and most successful Greenpeace has undertaken, garnering press and headlines all over the world.

At the end of 2016, Ludovico released a luxe cd/dvd box set which includes his entire ‘Elements’ album plus three solo piano variations and the never-before released track ‘Elegy for the Arctic’,  written specifically for Greenpeace and their efforts, which proved to be the biggest and most successful campaign they have undertaken, getting press and headlines all over the world.

Download ‘Elegy For The Arctic WAV file here

We cannot fulfill the many requests for the full box sets so please download this wav file now for airplay and thank you for your support of Ludovico Einaudi! Watch for U.S. tour date announcements soon!

“A thing of rare beauty” – GQ Magazine
“The hippest classical artist the world has ever known” – Never Enough Notes
“A highly polished performance of music so incredibly tasteful” – The London Times

Erik Scott’s New Album Hits #1 On The Radio Chart!

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Evolution Promotion congratulates our client, Erik Scott, on climbing all the way to the top of radio charts with his new album, “In The Company of Clouds”. The album reached #1 on the Zone Music Reporter Charts in December and racked up excellent feedback from the media for its unique qualities.

Erik Scott started as a bass guitar player, producer, and songwriter in the 70’s, playing bass for everyone from Flo & Eddie  to  Alice Cooper in the early 1980s, for whom he also produced. In the 1990s he was one of the founding members of Sonia Dada, which reached the number one position on the Australian music charts with their debut album. Scott was also the co-writer of the song Father, Father, which was the title track for the Pops Staples‘ album of the same name, winner of the 1994 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

In 2008 he became a solo artist as well, with his debut album Other Planets. His second solo album And The Earth Bleeds was released in 2014. His latest release “In The Company of Clouds” utilizes pedal steel guitar, bongo and wordless choirs to create a sound so vibey, so pretty and comforting, it is unlike anything that’s come across our desks before. As the Echoes Radio Program honcho, John Diliberto put it: “makes country go cosmic” .

Erik Scott’s “In The Company of Clouds” was Echoes CD of the Month in November of 2016.

Erik Scott's latest release "In The Company of Clouds" Hits #1 at Radio

Erik Scott’s latest release “In The Company of Clouds” Hits #1 at Radio

New York Times: “Ludovico Einaudi, a Classical Artist for the YouTube Age”

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Is there a genre or category that your music fits into?

I never feel at ease when they try to categorize my work. Also I think labels are in a way restricting. You can put the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the same category, but the types of music, the colors each band evokes, are completely different. It’s the same with Mozart and Beethoven — they express two very different aspects of music. Today when they ask me if my music is minimal, is classical, is contemporary — I can say yes or no, but it doesn’t make sense of what I am doing.

What about “classical crossover” — a genre that’s perched between classical and pop music, which some people say vulgarizes or dumbs down classical music?

I don’t like the idea of “classical crossover,” even if sometimes I see this category given to what I’m doing. There are many commercial projects in that genre, where they make a quartet out of beautiful fashion models or whatever. I take things more seriously than that. And I don’t have a commercial perspective in what I’m doing. On the other hand, the idea of “crossover,” of crossing boundaries, is interesting in the arts, but this is something that has always been true. Stravinsky crossed boundaries — he was embracing folk music from Russia and popular music. Mozart was working in a theater and writing songs for a company that was almost like a circus when he wrote “The Magic Flute.”

When you’re writing your music, are you thinking to yourself, “I want to make this accessible to the broadest possible audience, to reach people who maybe have never heard a Bach concerto?”

No. My music comes from my personal background. When I compose, I search for myself. You pick from your memories, from your experiences, from your life, and you have to sense it. I don’t think about breaking barriers. But in a way, after I compose a piece, I can analyze it and can recognize things, and I can talk about something that comes from my experience with African music, or is connected with some rock album I love, or a piece by Bach or Stockhausen.

Why is African music in particular such a strong influence for you?

I went to Mali for the first time in 2000, and I met Toumani Diabaté and Ballaké Sissoko — two of the greatest kora players of our time. The day I arrived in Bamako, Toumani was playing in a club, and he invited me to play onstage. But it was so beautiful to be given the chance to live the music in a different way. For them, music is completely connected with the rhythms of daily life. It’s different from our European modern sensibility where life is divided and fragmented. There, days become longer, and when you say to someone let’s meet on one day, the meeting can happen two days later, and nobody seems to care about it. And this is reflected in the timing of the pieces of music. On the radio, the music doesn’t have to be three minutes — but can last 15 or 20 minutes. And then there is a sense of tradition, a connection with something very ancient in the music, that is very beautiful. They are refreshing songs that were written 500, 600, a thousand years ago — the songs are like fairy tales that belong to everybody.

What did it feel like playing the piano while floating on a platform in the Arctic? Were you thinking about the meaning of the music or were you too preoccupied with the cold or fear of sinking into the icy deep?

It was quite cold, around 0 Celsius, so I had to stop every few minutes to warm my hands. I had different layers of technical clothing, some very thin, and on top of that I had more solid body covering and on top of that, my concert jacket. And they also gave me a life preserver. When I was performing, I was enjoying it very much, even if it was freezing and the conditions were not perfect, and the keys were very cold. But it was beautiful to be there alone on the platform, with the ice falling down. It felt almost like playing for the gods.

Christmas 2016 Newsletter

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Ludovico Einaudi Drops Luxe CD/DVD Box Set


During this year’s world tour, Ludovico and crew were planning a box set release and filming a number of
concerts for it. This special limited edition box set includes the entire Elements album, plus three solo piano variations and the never-before released track ‘Elegy for the Arctic’,  performed atop an iceberg earlier this year for a global Greenpeace Campaign. The box set will be available in time for holiday gift giving.

Download “Elegy For The Artic” wav file here. Additionally, Ludovico’s new webpage is designed so that you can perform the brand new track ‘Elegy For The Arctic’ on your keyboard or mobile  device. It’s fun! Check it out here
The box set also includes an hour long DVD featuring nine live tracks from London’s Royal Festival Hall concerts in July 2016 plus 16 color postcards featuring exclusive tour photographs.

“A thing of rare beauty” – GQ Magazine
“The hippest classical artist the world has ever known” – Never Enough Notes
“A highly polished performance of music so incredibly tasteful” – The London Times


Helen Jane Long Tour Wrap, New Album, Xmas Single and Future Plans


Helen Jane Long performed at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco as part of her U.S. tour in support of her 4th album “Identity”,  and hired local musicians in each city to play her original scores.

Helen Jane Long just wrapped her U.S. tour dates in support of her 4th album, “Identity” and it was a triumph for the composer.  All dates were extremely well attended and Helen greeted her fans after each show, typically in the lobbies of the venues.  A big shout out to all the appreciative audiences that travelled in from far and wide to see Helen perform in New Orleans, Lancaster PA, Chicago and San Francisco. We are already planning tours for 2017, with the first kick off in spring in New York City. Watch Helen’s facebook page for announcements.

We have so much in store for you including a live album, recorded last year at St. James Church in London, releasing on December 10th.   And, for all of you vinyl fans, watch for news about the forthcoming companion “Identity” album releasing on orange vinyl! We’re just setting up distribution now but Helen’s fans can always order directly from Helen’s website. It’s coming in the next few weeks.

We’d like to thank all the radio stations and fans who have supported Helen’s music and tours over the course of her growing career.  We are attaching here Helen’s version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” for your seasonal pleasure and wishing you the coziest holiday season ever.

Download “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” WAV file by Helen Jane Long here.



Andy Iorio Is Writing and Recording A New Album For 2017


Download Andy Iorio’s Christmas single “We Three Kings”

Andy Iorio had a great year. Tons of radio airplay exposure, lots of live shows and an HMMA nomination for best Contemporary Classical track, “Rush”, that appears on Andy’s “II” album.

The media had alot to say about Andy too:

“Andy Iorio is the best kind of alchemist. Yes, he is a composer and pianist, but his talent lies in perfectly blending classical elements with contemporary components to achieve a sound that is pleasing on multiple levels” –RJ Lannan – Zone Music Reporter.

“I love Andy Iorio’s II from beginning to end. His playing and composition is simple yet exquisite. His music is soothing, moving, emotional and stunning.  Andy’s “II” has a magnificent cinematic feel to it that will inspire the listener to want to hear more from this musician who has a mastery of the piano that goes so far beyond the technical” –Andrea R. Garrison – Online With Andrea

“II” is a stirring and very enjoyable musical experience. Recommended!” –Kathy

“This album “II”  has brought me tears multiple times, so beautiful and emotional. Each piece makes me feel like the composer is writing the soundtrack to my life, speaking directly to my heart. Highly recommended to anyone who loves instrumental music, beautiful melodic piano and sweeping strings… I can’t wait for the next album!! Thank you for sharing your divine gift” – Anyone With Ears

Andy is working on his next album, releasing in 2017. Meantime, download his Christmas tune “We Three Kings” here.



Jennifer Aurelia “All Shall Be Well” and New Album News


This beautiful Christmas song was written by Jennifer Aurelia , also known as Jennifer Zulli, just after the Newtown massacre that killed 20 children in 2012. Hailing from Newtown herself,  Jennifer assembled the surviving children from the school to help her sing and record the song to help heal the children and the community. This song is a real tribute to the human condition and a beautiful sentiment from
the composer.

Download “All Shall Be Well” by Jennifer Aurelia, AKA Jennifer Zulli

Watch for more info coming about Jennifer’s new album, “Seasons”, coming early 2017!

Helen Jane Long Unveils ‘Identity’ -Pollstar

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Article by Lori Felker / Pollstarpollstar

U.K. composer/pianist Helen Jane Long announces a handful of U.S. dates in November. The jaunt supports her latest album, “Identity,” and she will be accompanied by her string section, The London Players.

More than talented, Long is gifted. The mastermind started playing piano by ear at age four and went on to be classically trained. She also taught herself how to play cello, violin, and guitar.
Her credential are endless. Long has composed scores for 10 feature and short films, seven commercials and 11 documentaries in addition to her four albums. She was hired by Howard Shore in 2003 as the Musical Score Continuity Director for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

She released her second album, Embers, on her own BLE Records after ending her contract with Warner Classics, who dropped her debut, Porcelain. Embers was the most requested LP on London’s Classic FM radio and earned her the “honor of being the only female composer in the Classic FM Hall of Fame.”

Her U.S. gigs wrap Nov. 16 in San Francisco and tickets purchased for the SF show include a CD copy of Identity, “redeemable with your ticket stub at Amoeba Music.”

Nov 10 New Orleans / Marigny Opera House
Helen’s New Orleans debut!

Nov 11 Philadelphia / Make Films Studios
This show will be filmed for later release.

Nov 14 Chicago / Pianoforte Foundation
New show added!  Helen’s Chicago debut!

Nov 16 San Francisco / Herbst Theatre

Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

hellen jane long